The Navy Military Community

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Active-duty military spending power equals $53.8 billion.
Unlike the general population, all active-duty members are 100% employed and educated.
Nearly half of Navy active-duty members are married and average two children per household.
Men comprise 80% of active-duty service members.
Navy active-duty by age:
    Average Age: 26.7 enlisted, 34.9 officer
    25 years and younger - 41.3%
    26 to 30 - 22.9%
    31 to 35 - 15.9%
    36 to 40 - 11.2%
    41 years or older - 8.6%
36% are Gen Z and 53% are Millennials!
Navy families are always on the move. About four in five families have moved during military life.
Military members are highly loyal to brands, products and services that support them.

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Source: Defense Manpower Data Center, Refuel Agency and Military OneSource

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