Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

Tournament Dates and Times

COD Modern: Warfare II Format:

Single Elimination 
Best of 1: Rounds 1-3
Best of 3 Games: Semi-Finals & Finals
Teams Size: 4
Total Players: 128

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Apex Legends

Tournament Dates and Times

Apex Legends Format:

Battle Royale/Kill Race 
Teams Size: 3
Total Players: 126

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Street Fighter 6

Tournament Date and Time

Street Fighter 6 Format:
Best of 3
First to 2 rounds
Single Elimination
Total Players: 128
Playstation and Stream (PC) versions only

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Tournament Prizes for all dates:

First Place: $500 gift card and a Navy MWR Esports jersey for each member of the team

Second Place: $150 gift card and a Navy MWR Esports t-shirt for each member of the team


Who Can Play:

The competitions are open to authorized Navy MWR patrons ages 18+, with priority given to active-duty Sailors. If you have any questions regarding eligibility, please contact us here.​ 


Sign Up and Participate Giveaway:
Navy MWR is giving away a $500 gift card through our “Sign up & Participate” giveaway to one lucky winner each night! For your chance to win, just sign up and participate in any one of our upcoming Navy MWR Esports tournaments and we’ll automatically enter you into a drawing to win.

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Dive into the ultimate gaming experience with the Navy MWR Esports Fitness Challenge! This year, service members from around the world can participate in 33 virtual tournaments for 33 opportunities to win incredible prizes, including Xboxes, iPads, exclusive jerseys, gift cards, and more. Compete in up to three different game titles and battle it out to take the top seat on the Global Leaderboard!

Whether you're a casual player or a seasoned pro, this is your chance to showcase your skills and earn points for both participation and performance. Choose your favorite games, enter the virtual battlefield, and let the thrill of competition take your gaming experience to new heights. When you're not in-game, participate in fitness challenges to boost your leaderboard standings!

Challenge yourself beyond gaming in this unique event where fitness and competitive gaming collide.

Navy MWR Esports is a Community Recreation initiative designed to provide entertainment and recreation opportunities through competitive sports. This multidimensional initiative will also increase programming opportunities at MWR Liberty Centers through technological improvements and provide top-quality esports competitions to the Navy community.

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