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Food and Beverage

The nearly 400 MWR operated food and beverage facilities offer a variety of dining experiences ranging from fast-casual to fine dining, as well as catering and special event services. Order online with Dine On the Go. Check our Dine On the Go locations here. All sales support MWR programs.

Title Installation
10th Puka Lounge JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
3rd Deck Eatery CFA Chinhae
604 Express at Navy Marine Golf Course JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
A&W NAS Pensacola
A&W American Grill NSA Bahrain
Ace's Pub NAS Whiting Field
Airlanes Grill NAS Key West
Anchors & Eagles NCBC Gulfport
Bama's BBQ & Grille CFA Okinawa
Bamboo Willies Andersen AFB
Bambusa NSA Naples
Bayou Bowl Grill NAS JRB New Orleans
Bayou Bowl Snack Bar NAS JRB New Orleans
Bayview NS Guantanamo Bay
BBQ Barn NS Mayport
Beachside Grill NAS Key West
Bella Napoli Food Court NSA Naples
Big Al's NSE Sigonella, Italy
Blendz NSA Bahrain
Blendz NS Guantanamo Bay
Bogey's Restaurant NS Mayport
Bombers Fresh Mex NS Guantanamo Bay
Brews & Cues at Club Pearl JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Buckley's NS Great Lakes
Buon Java NSE Sigonella, Italy
C-Street Café NSA Panama City
Café Lah Community Center SAC Singapore
Café Panini NSA Bahrain
Café.com NS Rota
Catalina Club NAS Corpus Christi
Catering at JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Catering at NSA Bahrain NSA Bahrain
CFA Yokosuka Better Burgers CFA Yokosuka
CFA Yokosuka Bombers CFA Yokosuka
CFA Yokosuka Uptown Pizza CFA Yokosuka
Chi-ago's @ the Lanes NSB Kings Bay
Chock Full of Nutsa NSE Sigonella, Italy
Clipper Club NS Guantanamo Bay
Club 261 NSA Bahrain
Club Alliance CFA Yokosuka
Corry Grill NAS Pensacola
Country Bar at Club Pearl JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
CPO Club CFA Yokosuka
CPO Club NSA Bahrain
Crow's Nest Club CFA Okinawa
Cubi Bar Café NAS Pensacola
Dahlgren Catering NSF Dahlgren
Daily Grind NICoE NSA Bethesda
Daily Grind Warrior Café NSA Bethesda
Dewey's NAS Jacksonville
Eagle's Peak Bar & Grill NSA Mid-South
Fairways Bar & Grill NSA Naples
Far East Café (Galley) NAF Atsugi
First Strike Snack Bar NB Guam
Flight Line Café NAS Jacksonville
Fly Away Café at Navigator's NAS Key West
Flying Conch Lounge NAS Key West
Foc'sle Lounge at the CPO Club NS Mayport
Galaxies - Brodie's Sports Grill CFA Sasebo
Galaxies - Galaxies Night Club CFA Sasebo
Game Time Sports Grill NSA Bahrain
Gateway Galley NS Rota
Gecko Grill Andersen AFB
Globe & Anchor Tiki Bar NSF Indian Head
Goat Locker Chiefs' Club NS Guantanamo Bay
Gourmet Bean Café NSA Bahrain
Gourmet Bean Café Express NS Guantanamo Bay
Gourmet Bean Express NSA Bahrain
Gray's Landing NSF Dahlgren
Great Lakes Galley NS Great Lakes
Greenhouse NOTU Cape Canaveral
GTMO Jerk NS Guantanamo Bay
Gulf Winds Snack Bar NAS Corpus Christi
Gutterball Grill NAS Jacksonville
Hale Aina Dining Facility JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Harbor View - El Cid's tavern CFA Sasebo
Harbor View - Harbor Café CFA Sasebo
Harbor View - Chops Restaurant CFA Sasebo
Harbour Grill JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Hario Cantina CFA Sasebo
Helmsman Club Complex NSA Mid-South
Hickman Officers' Club JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Hot Stuff Pizza NSA Bahrain
Ikego Club Takemiya CFA Yokosuka
Jox Pub NSE Sigonella, Italy
K.B. Finnegan's Irish Pub NSB Kings Bay
Kau Kau Korner JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Koa Lounge JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Krewe Dat Lounge NAS JRB New Orleans
La Plaza NS Rota
Legends Sports Club NS Great Lakes
Library Café NSE Sigonella, Italy
Library Coffee Shop NAS Corpus Christi
Loggerheads Pub NS Mayport
Mangiamo JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Marblehead Lanes Food Court NS Guantanamo Bay
Mario's Courtyard Cookouts NSA Bahrain
Market Fresh Bistro NAMG Indian Island
Meridian Café Andersen AFB
Mix House Catering Rental NSF Indian Head
Mokulele Flight Kitchen JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Mordecai Booth's Public House NSA Washington DC
Mulligan's Restaurant & Bar NAS Jacksonville
Mustin Beach Club NAS Pensacola
MWR Food Court CFA Yokosuka
NAS Kingsville Spinz NAS Kingsville
Navigator's Bar NAS Key West
NAVSTA Great Lakes Sam Adams Brewhouse NS Great Lakes
NAVSTA Great Lakes Spinz NS Great Lakes
NAVSTA Norfolk Spinz NS Norfolk
NB Kitsap Bremerton Samuel Adams Brewhouse NS Bremerton
No-Fly Zone NAS Kingsville
North Field Snack Bar NAS Whiting Field
NS Guantanamo Bay Blendz NS Guantanamo Bay
NS Guantanamo Bay Bomber Fresh Mex NS Guantanamo Bay
NS Guantanamo Bay Catering NS Guantanamo Bay
NS Guantanamo Bay Gourmet Bean NS Guantanamo Bay
NS Guantanamo Bay Spinz NS Guantanamo Bay
NS Mayport Spinz NS Mayport
NSA Bahrain Blendz NSA Bahrain
NSA Bahrain Gourmet Bean Cafe NSA Bahrain
NSA Bahrain Gourmet Bean Express NSA Bahrain
NSA Fusion NSA Bahrain
NSA Mid-South Catering NSA Mid-South
NSA Mid-South Samuel Adams Brewhouse NSA Mid-South
NSF Indian Head Market Fresh Bistro NSF Indian Head
O'Brien's Bunker Restaurant NSB Kings Bay
O'Kelly's Bar NS Guantanamo Bay
Oaks Restaurant & Lounge NAS Pensacola
Oasis NSA Bahrain
Oasis Grill NSA Bahrain
Ocean Breeze Conference & Catering Center NS Mayport
Officers' Club CFA Yokosuka
Old Crow's Nest NAS Pensacola
Olde Town Pub NSA Naples
Orhys Irish Pub NSA Naples
Parcheezi's Pizza & Pasta NAF Atsugi
Piazza Pizza NSE Sigonella, Italy
Pinz American Café NS Rota
Pirate's Cove Galley NSB Kings Bay
Pizza Villa/ Pizza Villa Express NS Rota
Planet Smoothie JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Port O'Call Banquet and Conference Center NS Great Lakes
Port of Call Club CFA Okinawa
Portside Food Court NAS Pensacola
Restaurant 604 JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Rick's Lounge Officers' Club NS Guantanamo Bay
Ristorante Bella Etna NSE Sigonella, Italy
River Cove Catering and Conference Center NAS Jacksonville
River's Edge NAS Pax River
Sam Adams Brewhouse NSA Mid-South
Sam Adams Brewhouse NS Great Lakes
Sam Adams Restaurant NS Great Lakes
Seaglass NS Mayport
Shawarma Express NSA Bahrain
Shenanigans PMRF Barking Sands
Shogun Café (Galley) CFA Sasebo
Silver Dolphin Bistro JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Smash Hits Deli NSA Bahrain
South Field Snack Bar NAS Whiting Field
Spinz NAS Kingsville
Spinz NS Mayport
Spinz NSA Naples
Spinz NS Norfolk
Spinz NS Great Lakes
Spinz NS Guantanamo Bay
Sunset Cove Bar Andersen AFB
Sunset Lounge Bar & Grill NAS Key West
Support Site Food Court NSA Naples
T-Bar NAS Jacksonville
Tanuki Tavern NAF Atsugi
Ten Bar NAS JRB Fort Worth
Ten Grill NAS JRB Fort Worth
Terror Club SAC Singapore
The 19th Hole NAF Atsugi
The Anchor NSA Souda Bay
The Brow Café & Coffee Shop NSF Dahlgren
The Grill MCCS Twenty-Nine Palms
The Grove Catering - Conference Room NS Mayport
The Hive NCBC Gulfport
The Lanai at Mamala Bay JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
The Tortuga - Catering Conference Room NS Mayport
Tiki Bar NS Guantanamo Bay
Torpedoes & Tomahawks NB Guam
Touch & Go NSA Bahrain
Touch & Go Diner CFA Okinawa
Tower Books & Café NAS Whiting Field
Tradewinds JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Trilogy NAF Atsugi
Trumbo Palms Catering & Conference Center NAS Key West
Turtle Cove CFA Chinhae
Uptown Pizza Express NS Guantanamo Bay
Uptown Pizza Express NS Guantanamo Bay
Village Forum Cafe NSA Naples
Warrior Café & Catering NSA Bethesda
Windjammer Café NS Guantanamo Bay
WINGS@the Beach CFA Okinawa
WPS Starbucks NSB Kings Bay
Wright Brothers Café & Grille JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Yankee Station SAC Singapore
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