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Navy General Library Program

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The Navy General Library Program (NGLP) manages the Navy’s MWR Library Program, which includes ashore and afloat Libraries as well as the Navy MWR Digital Library. 

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DoD MWR Library Support:

DoD Summer Reading Program

NGLP has managed the DoD-wide Summer Reading Program for nearly 200 installations worldwide since 2010. The Virtual Summer Reading Program ensures military families can join the program even if they are not near a military installation. In 2019, 72,102 readers of all ages read 56,197,796 minutes - the equivalent of 107 years! For more information visit:

Deployed Forces Support, managed by the Army General Library Program, includes providing compact, battery-powered audio books and monthly shipments of popular paperbacks to deployed units.



NavyMWR Digital Library ScreenshotNavy MWR Digital Library

The Navy MWR Digital Library offers more than 25 online services, available 24/7 from any location with Internet access, for Navy personnel and their families, civilians, and retirees. Many services have an optional mobile app to make accessing services even easier. Online services include:
eBooks & eAudiobooks
Language Learning
Journals, Magazines, & Newspapers
Test Preparation
Vehicle & Engine Repair


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Ashore Libraries

Base MWR Libraries and Resource Centers at 31 installations offer a wide variety of books, videos, magazines, computer resources and engaging programs which support mission readiness and resiliency through enhancing quality of life for Navy installation communities.

See a list of our libraries here:

Other Shore Support includes:

Brig Library Support Paperback books are provided to three consolidated brigs (Miramar, Charleston and Chesapeake). Small Correctional facilities also receive paperbacks if requested. Professional library guidance is provided to the Navy Corrections Program (PERS-00D).

Military Mission SupportPaperbacks and magazines are provided to more than 25 Security Assistance Offices & Defense Attache Offices in the Unified Pacific Command (mandated by DoDI 1015.10).

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Afloat Libraries

Paperback book support is provided to all USS class vessels and to USNS class vessels manned with military personnel.

Overseas Contingency Support – as funding allows Laptops, Jane’s Reference Collections, Playaways (self-contained audio books), small electronics and games, and DVD collections for personal use also are provided.

New Ship/Sub Library Outfitting NAVSEA funds an initial library for every new ship and submarine. These initial libraries consist of laptops, hardback books, paperbacks, magazines, Playaways, DVDs, small electronics, games and other materials as determined by ship personnel. Once initial outfitting is completed normal updates to the libraries is funded by the Ship’s OPTAR.


img description Navy e-reader devices (NeRDs) are self-contained e-reading tablets pre-loaded with about 100 titles, including many CNO Navy Professional Reading Program titles.
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