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Auto Skills Centers

Navy MWR Auto Skills Centers are full-equipped, self-service repair facilities that can help patrons save money on vehicle repairs and maintenance. They provide a variety of tools for performing common car maintenance and repair work, and knowledgeable, friendly staff members are available for guidance and to answer questions.

Title Installation
Andersen Auto Hobby Shop Andersen AFB
Annapolis Auto Skills Shop NSA Annapolis
Atsugi Auto Skills Center NAF Atsugi
China Lake Auto Skills NAWS China Lake
Corpus Christi Auto Skills Center NAS Corpus Christi
Dahlgren Auto Skills Center NSF Dahlgren
Earle Auto Skills Center NWS Earle
El Centro Auto Skills & Storage NAF El Centro
Everett Auto Hobby Shop NS Everett
Fallon Auto Skills Center NAS Fallon
Fort Worth Auto Skills Shop NAS JRB Fort Worth
Guam Auto Hobby Shop NB Guam
Hickam Auto Skills Center JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Indian Head Auto Skills Center NSF Indian Head
Jacksonville Auto Skills Center NAS Jacksonville
Key West Auto Skills Center NAS Key West
Kingsville Auto Skills Center NAS Kingsville
Lemoore Auto Hobby NAS Lemoore
Mana Motors Auto Skills PMRF Barking Sands
Mechanicsburg Auto Skills Shop NSA Mechanicsburg
Meridian Auto Hobby Shop NAS Meridian
Mid-South Auto Skills Shop NSA Mid-South
Moanalua Auto Skills Center JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Naples Auto Skills Center NSE Naples, Italy
Naval Base San Diego Auto Skills Center NB San Diego
Naval Base Ventura Auto Skills Center NB Ventura County
New London Auto Hobby Shop NSB New London
Newport Auto Skills Center & Car Wash NS Newport
Norfolk Shipyard Auto Skills & Hobby Shop Norfolk NSY
North Island Auto Skills Center NAS North Island
NS Norfolk Auto Skills Center NS Norfolk
Oceana Auto Hobby Shop NAS Oceana
Portsmouth Shipyard Portsmouth NSY
Sasebo Auto Hobby Shop CFA Sasebo
Sigonella Auto Skills Center NSE Sigonella, Italy
Souda Bay Auto Hobby Shop NSA Souda Bay
Whidbey Auto Hobby Shop NAS Whidbey Island
Yokosuka Auto Skills Center CFA Yokosuka
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