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Navy Liberty

Liberty provides high-energy recreation programs, superior entertainment experiences and development of personal leisure skills, leading to extraordinary and unique opportunities for enjoyment, activity and adventure in an alcohol and tobacco-free environment. Most Liberty Centers include free use of computers, Internet and wireless Internet, state-of-the-art video game systems, movies and TV rooms, book collections and special events. Liberty trips and tours include sporting events, outdoor adventures, shopping trips, amusement parks, deep-sea fishing and community events, including festivals, concerts and seasonal programs.

Title Installation
JEB Fort Story Lighthouse Liberty Lounge JEB Little Creek Fort Story
NSAHR Portsmouth - River's Edge Liberty Center NMC Portsmouth
Andersen AFB Liberty Center Andersen AFB
Balboa Liberty Center NMC San Diego
Camp America Liberty Center NS Guantanamo Bay
Camp Shields Liberty Lounge Camp Courtney
Capo Liberty Center NSE Naples, Italy
CFA Chinhae Liberty Program CFA Chinhae
CFA Sasebo Liberty Center CFA Sasebo
CFA Yokosuka Liberty Center CFA Yokosuka
Cheatham Annex 4th Street Rec Center NWS Yorktown
CoffeeNet NB Ventura County
Corry Station Liberty Center NTTC Corry Station
Huntington Hall - Recreation Center NWS Yorktown
JEB Little Creek - Foc'sle Liberty Center JEB Little Creek Fort Story
Kadena Liberty Lounge Camp Courtney
Liberty at Beeman Center JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Liberty Express - Wahiawa JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Liberty Hall NB Point Loma
Liberty Junior Sailor Program NB Kitsap
Liberty Lobby Lounge and Rec Room NSE Naples, Italy
Liberty Single Sailor Program NAS Key West
Liberty Zone NSA Annapolis
Makai Liberty JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Marine Hill Liberty Center NS Guantanamo Bay
MWR Liberty Locker NSA Panama City
NAF Atsugi Liberty Center NAF Atsugi
NAF El Centro Liberty Center NAF El Centro
NAS Corpus Christi Liberty Center NAS Corpus Christi
NAS Fallon Liberty Center NAS Fallon
NAS Jacksonville Liberty Center NAS Jacksonville
NAS JRB Fort Worth Liberty - Single Service Member Program NAS JRB Fort Worth
NAS JRB New Orleans Liberty Program USCG New Orleans
NAS Kingsville Liberty Center NAS Kingsville
NAS Lemoore Liberty Center NAS Lemoore
NAS Meridian Liberty Center NAS Meridian
NAS Oceana - Great Escape Liberty Center NAS Oceana
NAS Pax River Liberty Center NAS Pax River
NAS Pensacola Liberty Center NAS Pensacola
NAS Sigonella Liberty Center NSE Sigonella, Italy
NAS Whidbey Island Liberty Junior Sailor Program NAS Whidbey Island
NAS Whiting Field Liberty Center NAS Whiting Field
Naval Station Everett Junior Sailor Program NS Everett
NAVSTA Great Lakes - Liberty/Single Sailor NS Great Lakes
NAVSTA Newport - Liberty Center NS Newport
NAVSTA Norfolk - Wind & Sea Rec Center C-9 NS Norfolk
NAVSTA Norfolk - Wind & Sea Rec Center Q-80 NS Norfolk
NB Guam Liberty Center NB Guam
NCBC Gulfport Liberty Center NCBC Gulfport
NNMC Bethesda Liberty Center NSA Bethesda
NNSY - Mariner's Reef Liberty Center Norfolk NSY
NS Mayport Liberty Center NS Mayport
NS Rota Liberty Center NS Rota
NSA Bahrain Liberty Program NSA Bahrain
NSA Mid-South Liberty Center NSA Mid-South
NSA Saratoga Springs - Liberty Center NSA Saratoga Springs
NSA Souda Bay Liberty Center NSA Souda Bay
NSAHR Northwest - Liberty Center NSA Hampton Roads
NSF Dahlgren Liberty Center NSF Dahlgren
NSF Diego Garcia Liberty Center NSF Diego Garcia
NSWC Indian Head Liberty Center NSF Indian Head
PNSY - Liberty Center Portsmouth NSY
Q-Zone NB Coronado
SUBASE New London - Liberty Center NSB New London
The Clubhouse NB Point Loma
The Rec Stop Liberty Center NAWS China Lake
The Recyard NB San Diego
Tierra Kay Liberty Center NS Guantanamo Bay
TRIPLEX Liberty Recreation NSB Kings Bay
VADM Martin Liberty Center NAS North Island
White Beach Liberty Lounge Camp Courtney
WPNSTA Yorktown - The Depot Recreation Center NWS Yorktown

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