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Community Recreation Parks

Plan your next family adventure at an MWR Community Recreation Park.  Wherever you go, there is an MWR Community Recreation park waiting for you!  Playgrounds, hiking trails, beaches, pavilions, outdoor games, BBQs. Our parks offer something for everyone. BBQ during your Command Function, kick back in a lawn chair and watch the sunset, enjoy a family picnic, take a hike.  From Key West to Japan our parks offer a wealth of activities for all ages.

Title Installation
Admiral Baker Park NS San Diego
Annapolis Pavilions and Picnic Area NSA Annapolis
Athletic Complex Picnic Area NB San Diego
Bahrain Park Facilities NSA Bahrain
Bainbridge Park NB San Diego
Bangor Skate Park NSB Bangor
Barney's Beach Patio NWS Seal Beach
Blue Angel Park NAS Pensacola
Bolles Park NB Ventura County
Breakers Beach NAS North Island
Camp McKean Recreation Area NB Kitsap
Carney Park NSE Naples, Italy
Carr Point Recreation Area NS Newport
Cedar Point Beach House and Pavilions NAS Pax River
China Lake Parks and Picnic Areas NAWS China Lake
Chinhae Pavillion CFA Chinhae
Costen-Turner Recreation Area NAS Whidbey Island
Cutter Park NSA Hampton Roads
Dahlgren Pavilion and Picnic Areas NSF Dahlgren
Disc Golf Course NAS Whidbey Island
Elwood Point Recreation Area NB Kitsap
Fife Estate Recreation Area NSB New London
Gator Beach NB Coronado
Hampton Roads Parks and Picnic Areas NSA Hampton Roads
Heritage Park NAS North Island
Hickam Beach JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Honeymoon Beach JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Jacksonville Parks and Picnic Areas NAS Jacksonville
Jamaica Island Portsmouth NSY
Kings Bay Parks and Playgrounds NSB Kings Bay
Lemoore Park and Picnic Areas NAS Lemoore
Liberty Pavilion USCG New Orleans
Lower Field NB Point Loma
Mariner's Park NB San Diego
Meridian Picnic Areas NAS Meridian
Mugu Picnic Pavillion NS Point Mugu
Naval Medical Center San Diego Picnic Area NMC San Diego
Naval Station Norfolk Parks NS Norfolk
Nimitz Beach JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Norfolk Shipyard Parks & Picnic Areas Norfolk NSY
Park 33 Picnic Area NWS Seal Beach
Plaquedilla Park USCG New Orleans
Point Loma Softball Field NB Point Loma
Point Loma Upper Field NB Point Loma
Portsmouth Parks and Picnic Pavilions Portsmouth NSY
Rocky Point Recreation Area NAS Whidbey Island
Sail Pointe Park NSB Kings Bay
Saratoga Springs Recreation Park NSA Saratoga Springs
Seabee Lake NCBC Gulfport
Seabee Park at Point Loma NB Point Loma
Seabee Recreational Park NCBC Gulfport
Ski Beach NAS Pensacola
Smuggler's Cove NSB Point Loma
Snyder Hall Picnic Area NB San Diego
Sorenson Park Picnic Area NAS Fallon
The Grind Skate Park NAS Whidbey Island
Trident Lakes Recreation Area NB Kitsap
White Plains Beach JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Whiting Park Recreational Area NAS Whiting Field
Wiggly Field Dog Park NAS Whiting Field

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