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Great Navy Campout

This summer MWR Community Recreation is hosting their 4th annual summer-long event called, “The Great Navy Campout.”  The Great Navy Campout celebrates outdoor recreation and camping as a way to connect with nature and wildlife. You and your friends and family can experience so many ways to camp this summer.  Disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature.  Go camping and get away from it all and leave the distractions at home. Want to see a nighttime sky full of stars?  Camping means different things to different people. MWR will help you find what it means for you and your family. 

So many times we find ourselves stuck indoors and miss the magnificent scenery that is right outside. Did you know that some of the most scenic campsites are right on your installation with soaring mountain views, pristine beaches, and crystal clear lakes? 

This year 58 Navy installations worldwide will be participating, all summer-long, in the Great Navy Campout.  The kick-off starts in June and runs through October. 

What are you waiting for?  It’s time to pack up and go camping with MWR Community Recreation! Come explore the outdoors with MWR and find more ways to recreate! 

The list below will allow you to search for events near your area.  If you don’t see the event you are looking for, check back soon, as more events are added regularly. 

Title Installation
Barking Sands Great Navy Campout PMRF Barking Sands
Crane Great Navy Campout NSA Crane
Earle Great Navy Campout NWS Earle
JB Anacostia-Bolling Great Navy Campout JB Anacostia-Bolling
JB Little Creek Fort Story Great Navy Campout JEB Fort Story
Key West Great Navy Campout NAS Key West
Kingsville Great Navy Campout NAS Kingsville
New London Great Navy Campout NSB New London
Norfolk NSY Great Navy Campout Norfolk NSY
NS Norfolk Great Navy Campout NS Norfolk
Point Loma Great Navy Campout NB Point Loma
Portsmouth NSY Great Navy Campout Portsmouth NSY
Seal Beach Great Navy Campout NWS Seal Beach


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