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U.S. Navy Sailors Conquer Mt. Fuji Climb During All-Japan Navy MWR Liberty Trip

August 28, 2023 | Story by Megan Trexler | Commander, Navy Installations Command

Nestled among the breathtaking views of Japan, an extraordinary trip recently unfolded as Navy Morale, Welfare and Recreation’s (MWR) Liberty-Single Sailor Program took 59 junior Sailors to the iconic Mount Fuji, the highest peak in Japan with an altitude of over 120,000 feet. The All-Japan Liberty trip included Sailors from Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Naval Air Facility Misawa, Commander Fleet Activities Okinawa and Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka.

"I'm so grateful for the chance to climb Mt. Fuji with MWR. Throughout the whole trip, I felt safe. My friends and I had a great time. Climbing Mt. Fuji is another check on my bucket list I never thought I'd be able to do!" said U.S. Navy Sailor, Charlotte Harrigan.

Led by experienced guides, the hike was as much about overcoming the physical hurdles as it was about the mental triumphs. Each step brought them closer to not only the summit but also to each other, fostering camaraderie, perseverance and unforgettable memories.

Taguchi Masato, Liberty Program Recreation Assistant at Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka, said, “The All-Japan Mt. Fuji Tour was a great success. Having the opportunity to support our Single Sailors through the tour was very satisfying."

The recent trip to Mt. Fuji is just a glimpse into the various joint trips organized by Liberty Centers in Japan. For years, naval bases in Japan have hosted three to four trips annually, with past trips to Universal Studios Japan, Tokyo Disneyland, and an Osaka area tour, just to name a few. These excursions serve as more than just leisure activities, they are also opportunities for Sailors stationed across different bases to come together, forming connections that span beyond the duration of the trip.

The Navy MWR Liberty Program offers single and unaccompanied junior Sailors (E1-E6) recreational and leisure programs, trips and outings, outdoor adventure activities, entertainment and cultural experiences, volunteer and outreach experiences and social activities. For more information about the program, visit

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